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What is a Technological Conservator?

Technological Objects Conservation

A (large) Technological Objects Conservator

These are some thoughts for discussion.

What is Technological Objects Conservator;

  • a conservator, with a mechanical competence, and the ability to apply materials science to complex projects.
  • a person with high grade hand skills and LTO treatment experience.
  • a materials scientist
  • a project coordinator
  • a team leader
  • a philosopher
  • a team builder mentor and confidant
  • a technological history expert
  • has a high degree of understanding of engineering culture

What a Technology Conservator needs to be;

  • a chemist, materials expert, metals conservator with a wide base in materials deterioration
  • *a pragmatist*
  • ~~a treatment development specialist~~
  • a person who understands and appreciate engineering culture
  • a person who understands the value and worth of specialist trade skills and training in a heritage context.
  • *a Technological History curator*
  • A person who is able to bring together the intent of the creators intent in a meaningful and considered way. 

What a Technological Objects Conservator is not;

  • restorer
  • a tradesman
  • an objects conservator
  • a conservation manager
  • a history curator

What do technology conservators do differently ;

  • understands the concept and responsibility to conserve form and function in an object
  • describe objects by function
  • understand that it is nessesary to measure in the units in which the object was made - not mm.
    • dutch inches for a 16 century dutch object
    • thou if it was made in the UK
    • UNF if it was made in the USA
    • centimetres if it was made in France
    • Inches/feet if it was Japanese naval..
    • and so on
  • talk about wear rates and risk
  • can make paint cross sections in their sleep
  • understand coating systems history
  • understand the significance of the original surface
  • understand the curatorial need to restore with incomplete information
  • are information getters, object archeologists for the curators.
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