Sunday, February 07, 2016

Timelines - data visualisation

Data visualisation is a problem when you are looking at the history and technology of materials. Different things happened at different times in different companies in different places throughout the world.
Information on the adoption of particular technologies is hard to come by from outside the industry being studied.
Patents are great as markers but they say nothing about adoption. They are just like cats marking the territory.
If a technology is unpublished , unpatented and secretive then it is even harder to track. One source is the “old boys” doing reminiscences as they retire or are asked back to speak at a dinner about “outdated technologies”. But be prepared for may “about 20 years ago” unquote statements.
Turning this data into a sensible format is also problematic. After many false starts I found Aeon and from this can produce a image file.
  Zinc - very drafty
Nickel timeline - very drafty
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