Monday, January 29, 2018

Engine preservation "mothballing"

A How to.. *

Running engine

*  Check engine can be run safely.
Inspect with intrascope - (get from supercheap)
*  Check engine is running before you start.
*  Aquire some PX115 or make up a waxy oil
*  (5% Microwax melteded and mixed in hot oil)
*  Heat oil -Don’t overheat

Running engine

*  Start engine and run up to opperating temp.
*  Drain oil whilst hot.
*  Replace all plugs and fill with hot PX115 or wax/oil mix.
*  Run engine again. Till warm
*  Kill engine by flooding intake with inhibited oil till it stalls. - lots of smoke produced!
*  Allow the engine to kool a “bit”
*  Drain oil.
*  Replace all plugs.
*  Once cool cover all ports and prepare for storage.

Non running engine

*  On a dry low humidity day
*  Drain engine of oils
Inspect with intrascope - (get from supercheap)
*  Inject inhibited oils – eg 30 wt 
*  Into cylinders tru spark plug or other orifice
*  Into intake with spray wand
*  Into sump with spray wand
*  Turn engine if possible - if corrosion seen during internal inspection - don't
*  Seal air intakes and exhaust


*  Indores in a Carcoon see;
* Indoors on racking.
*  Mount on pallets.
*  Cover. Intercept or Defence spec.
*  Schedual inspections yearly

Do further research

Don't be a blob get off your bottom and keep up to date with the latest products and developments.
You'll be amazed what products you can get for museum use in supercheep and repco!

Zi400 detergent
Penrite Classic Medium

*All care with advice given but I take no responsibility for how you use it!

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