Friday, November 16, 2012

Leaving "work" at the museum

Leaving "work" at the museum

I'm leaving "work" at the museum. A change in life brought about by a confluence of the federal governments desire to reduce the size of the public service and my desire to try something new.

My aim is to get into teaching but for that I need to have or be doing a phd. Pity as that cuts out so many good conservation practitioners and teachers. 

I'd also like to reduce the stress of life and be living more self sufficiently. Spend more time with family, my bicycles, my classic cars and Moto-bicycles is also important.

Topics for a phd? Well initially I was thinking of two - something on LTO conservation or an archeo-metalergical topic with direct feed in to colonial Australia ( ie brass and bronze in Oz 1788 to 1920) using breast plates as a central theme. Currently my thoughts are more about a tribology approach to corrosion and wear in functional objects using risk measurement and maintenance estimates.

Time will tell which of these I can do.

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