Friday, November 16, 2012

One being a "contractor" in Cultural Heritage

“you’ve left the museum?” they look scared - how could you ever do that…

I was given and offer that looked too good and allows me freedom…

Well 4 months later how are we going?

Interesting question. I think it would be best to say I am on a very steep learning curve.

I was worried that with out the “backing “ of an institution I would wither on the vine. Not so. But unlike a conservator in an institution you have little in the way of “control”. When the next job comes in you tend to take it if you want it - or you “over quote”.

My concern was that I would become stale - but far from that I have become invigorated and my work has taken me in directions I would not have thought possible.

Wheres the work? Out in the world.. Once people knew I was not “retired” it started to come in thru contacts made personally or via people I keep in contact with through “social networking”. Yes thats how the coverage extends past the limits of your country.


The most interesting job to now has been looking at the preservation of the modern history collections in the PNG National Museum. Suddenly I was reading about conflict in the pacific in WW2, colonialism, the Australian protectorate period, corrosion in the tropics, soil corrosion, WW2 aircraft salvage, scrap page after war, national pride and place, climate, and -- on it goes. It’s fascinating and addictive. My Bibliography is bursting with information again.. My brain over active.. its great.

“you’ve left the museum?” YES no regrets

Recommended if you can do it.

Did I say I also bought a house in Tasmania

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